Investment advice
The search for a flat or house can be stressful and frustrating, as purchasing property is often the most significant financial investment in one's life. It is important that the purchased flat or house is objectively a "good product" that will retain its value or appreciate, while also being a comfortable and enjoyable home. Our agents, who have excellent market knowledge, but also empathy for the buyers' needs, offer flats and houses with the most optimal combination of a sound investment and quality home.

Legal protection
We list and present flats and houses only after thorough due dilligence of the title and all relevant paperwork. We point out any liens or encumbrances that could hinder the completion, or properties that are illegal. We collaborate with lawyers who are well-versed in land registry and property law.

Filtering and search
Zagreb's market is crowded with numerous real estate agencies, who have very few exclusive listings, so the ads for flats and houses are often inactive, or repeated, with descriptions of the same property often varying. Properties with questionable documentation are sometimes also advertised. Zagreb West Real Estate Agency can narrow down the options, filtering the large number of listings, saving the buyers time, and present properties with clean documentation that meet their criteria. Buyers can also benefit from administrative support such as utility bill transfers.

We negotiate skillfully, ethically, and professionally to achieve the successful sale of flats, houses, or offices, to the satisfaction of all parties involved.